Review: LEGO WeDo

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Robot Basics:

  • What is it?  Lego Wedo uses Lego bricks, electronic elements, and computer programming to teach simple robotics
  • What’s in the Box?  as noted on the Lego Education website: the set contains more than 150 elements, including a motor, motion and tilt sensors, and the LEGO USB Hub. 
  • How Much?  $129.95
  • Age Range?  ages 7  and up   It’s more than building a lego, it’s also programming the robot
  • How Did We Acquire it?  ILEAD USA grant

    Ideas for Use

One of the options for the Wedo is to buy software and program guides ($89.95US). These give ideas on various projects and programming.

Time Involved

As long as it takes to put Legos together and programming the robot.

One-time or Recurring Program

Recurring.  Because it Lego, the skies the limit with things that can be made. The software provides a chance to learn how the different motors and sensors.

Extension Activities

The program guide includes information about the various projects and includes a tutorial on motors and sensors. I wish I had looked at it.

Skills You Need

Lego mad skills are important.  Understanding the sensors and how they work in relation to the lego structure you’re building.

Other Tools You Need

  • Good Stuff  I personally don’t have mad Lego skills, but the kids I worked with did.  No problems there.
  • Frustrations — There are a few:
  • You need a computer for every structure.  We only had one and had to take turns.  The kicking foot could try and make a goal, but the goalie couldn’t defend himself at the same time.  We’ll need more computers to make this work.  Lego Wedo seems to work with Chromebook… I used a MacPro.
    • Before I had my program, I made two different robots. I knew how to program those two robots rather successfully.  But during the test kitchen, we had problems with the robots the testers made. The alligator didn’t snap.  The monkey played the drum though, so that was great.
  • Ending Thoughts/Observations This is good stuff.  I would get the software, if only to for the person handling the program.  Understanding how the various elements work will help working with kids.  Having computers for each person is almost a must. With computers for each robot, the sky really is the limit. Limited by imagination.
  • Overall Rating:  If you are already doing a Lego program in your library, you should be looking at Wedo.