Robot Turtles: the Game

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Robot Basics:

  • What is it?  Robot Turtles is a board game that teaches programming
  • What’s in the Box?  game board, 2-d turtles (4), gems tiles (4), bugs tiles(4), game card decks (4), and three kinds of obstacle cards: ice walls, crates, and stone walls
  • How much?  $24.95  Robot Turtles Website
  • Age Range?  Ages four and up
  • How we acquired it:  Robot Turtles and sent us a reviewing copy of the game

Robot Turtles: a guest post

Guest post, Reviews, Robot Turtles

My husband is a mainframe security software developer with more than 35 years experience in computer programming. When I tried to get him to play Robot Turtles, he didn’t seem thrilled, but being supportive of this project, he complied.  When we played and he started to understand what the game was about, he mentioned that he wanted to tell some people at work about Robot Turtles, I asked him to let me share his comments here.  This is his email.